Sabtu, 3 Mei 2008


Seorang member aku die hard fan Arsenal, Amin22_power bg kat aku link ni suruh postkan.Dipetik dari sebuah forum Gunners, aku pastekan ape yang ditulis dalam gosip nie.

Sinbad wrote:
From an insider at the club I can tell you all on the forum as a
World exclusive. You will not get this info apart from me.

I today can confirm that flamini will now stay at Arsenal.

Arsenal will confirm this on monday.

And this is also linked to why Edelman has been shown the door at Arsenal.

Wenger told Edelman to do everything he could to keep Flamini, Wenger then felt that Edelman was not doing so and this all came to blows when Flamini told Wenger that he was leaving on Thursday. Wenger then went into a meeting with the board and said " I can not work with him (Edelman) He leaves or I will" Edelman was then told on Thursday night that it was best for all if he was to stand down.

Now Wenger and Ken Friar are doing everything to keep Flamini at the club and he WILL sign a new deal on Monday.

Sejauh mana org pk la sendiri..heheh Klik sini.

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